Changed Lives!

Christ changes everything! He transforms, molds, shapes, and refines. When we become a Christian, nothing is ever the same. Sometimes we change gradually and sometimes we are transformed radically in a short amount of time. But the Bible tells us that a true believer is always changed. 2 Corinthians 5:17 puts it this way–

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

Growing 4 Life is really about this personal growth–what the Bible tells us it looks like, what the church is telling us it should look like, and do the two match? (short answer: No). But I thought it might be about time that we had the testimonies of real people who have been changed by Christ. These testimonies are from three different types of believers–

Those who were saved radically from a life of worldly depravity and open, obvious sin.

Those who thought they were saved and realized they weren’t.

Those who are saved who have grown spiritually through a trial or life experience.

I am excited for this series! Christ is alive! He is changing those who are truly His. None of us should look the same as we looked twenty years ago–or five years ago–or even one year ago. Instead we should be growing as we grow in our knowledge of the Word of God.

I hope this series encourages you and reminds you of God’s great grace, mercy, and power! These are truly God’s “success” stories. To God be the glory!

Below you will find each one in this series listed in order as they were posted. The first one isn’t an official part of the series, but was written by a friend of mine several years ago. I am including it here because it belongs here. It is the story of a young man who thought he was saved his whole life and then realized that he wasn’t. His life has been radically transformed since then. Definitely worth the read.

Are You Really Saved: Trent— a husband and father, attending a Christian school and a Christian college, and raised in a Bible-believing church comes to the realization that he was never saved at all.

Changed Lives: Abrafi –God used her husband’s terminal cancer to draw her to Himself.

Changed Lives: Melanie–The spiritual rescue of a woman caught up in the false teachings of prophesying and special revelations.

Changed Lives: Jan–A woman trusts God in the midst of the unthinkable.

Changed Lives: Dennis–a powerful and victorious testimony of a former homosexual.

Changed Lives: Larry–An alcoholic cries out for deliverance from his addiction and receives what he asked for in an extra-ordinary way!

Changed Lives: Adrienne— This is my daughter’s story of her battle with desiring the world and the power of the Word of God in changing her heart.

Changed Lives: Michelle— My cousin shares how the Lord grew her when she experienced the unexpected and tragic loss of her dad.

Changed Lives: Cathy— A pastor’s wife shares how Christ plucked her out of her ungodly family and made her His own.

Changed Lives: Becky— A stage 4 cancer diagnosis leads to some intense soul searching: Does she really believe what she has spent her life saying she believes?

Changed Lives: Lorraine–A pastor’s daughter fakes Christianity for many long years before truly coming to salvation through God’s amazing grace and loving mercy.

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