“Beyond the Obvious” Series

We Christians often have a very narrow view of what it means to live a worldly life. Depending on where we go to church or what culture we are in, we will view worldliness differently than our fellow brothers and sisters. To some, entertainment comes to mind. To others it is alcohol. Or how we dress. But worldliness is so much broader than this.

What attitudes and philosophies of the world have sunk deep into our hearts and minds that need to be rooted out? In this series, I am comparing what the world teaches and promotes to what scripture says regarding a broad variety of topics that we may not have even considered in regards to the command to remain unspotted from the world (James 1:27).

I hope that this series will be a blessing to you as you strive to grow more like Christ. I will continue to add links here as I add posts to the series.


Thinking Beyond the Obvious (Part 1)

An Introduction and Definition/Worldliness in Entertainment, Networking, and Communication


Thinking Beyond the Obvious (Part 2)

Worldliness in Parenting and Education


Thinking Beyond the Obvious (Part 3)

Worldliness in Solving Problems


Thinking Beyond the Obvious (Part 4)

Worldliness in How We Respond to Criticism


Thinking Beyond the Obvious (Part 5)

Worldliness in Relationships


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