Imagine a world without flowers…


The other day, my mom and I decided to run to the local public garden to enjoy the blooming tulips. We knew we had a small window of time to catch them in all of their glory before they faded away until next year. I grabbed my new camera (a Canon mirrorless camera), excited to see what kind of shots I could get with it.

As we walked around, we realized that, while the tulips were indeed beautiful, it was actually the blooming trees that grabbed our attention. Such incredible beauty. Photographs cannot do them justice.

How incredibly kind of God to provide so much beauty in nature. He did not have to create flowers for plants to procreate. And yet He did. Think about a world without flowers. How drab.

I realize some of you are not interested in flowers. I do get that. But, for me, a world without flowers is a sad world indeed. In fact, when our family took a mission trip to Haiti (Read about our trip here and here), this was one of the first things I noticed. It was a brown world with little green foliage and even less flowers. I think I counted two flowers along the road in all of our journeys around the countryside (and, yes, I actually was specifically looking for them! And, yes, I do realize how odd I am!)

And while I have heard there are beautiful areas in Haiti, we were never privileged to see them. Instead, we spent our time in the countryside outside of Port Au Prince, dismayed not only by the extreme poverty but also at the lack of natural beauty. This trip gave me such a greater appreciation for the abundant flowers found in my area in spring and summer.

At any rate, this is one of my unusual posts that has no spiritual lesson but is, rather, a nice break from all the more serious stuff I tend to cover. I hope it is a refreshing and welcome change and that you enjoy the photos below–
















7 thoughts on “Imagine a world without flowers…”

  1. I love flowers! When you really look at them and notice their detail and how different each one is with color, shape and size it just makes you so thankful that God made such a beautiful world for us to enjoy. Don’t even get me started on their fragrance!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with us. You’re blessed to have such a pretty place so close to your home!


  2. Hi, Leslie. I really like your blog. I tried to send you an email, but the email failed saying it was blocked as spam. I do have a personal request, but I promise I won’t try to sell you anything! Any suggestions? Thank you!

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