2016 Hospitality Challenge: March

Hospitality Challenge

March has arrived! I am one day late in posting this because, honestly, this time of year is very, very crazy for me. We have a landscape company and my really busy months are January through April, as we work to get new contracts into the hands of our customers and update and change any systems that didn’t work well last season. With that in mind, I have a confession to make:

I didn’t officially do the G4L Game Night Challenge. I planned to. But before I could get it all in place, we were actually invited to an old friend’s house for a…game night! At that point, life was a bit crazy and our weekends were filling up. And so I made the decision that this would just have to have to suffice for the February challenge.

We got together with two couples, not at my house but at my friend’s house.We hadn’t seen the other two couples–at least to chat about life and enjoy each others’ company– for quite some time. It was actually quite awhile before we even broke out a game, as we sat around talking and catching up.

After awhile, they broke out Twisted Farkle. We had never played any variation of Farkle before so this was all new to us, but we had fun! It made me wonder why we don’t do this type of thing more often. We had a great night re-connecting with old friends.

A few weeks later, our Sunday School class had a special Valentine get-together and we played Bunco, another dice game. This one is especially suited to larger groups. We had a great time as we switched tables and got to know each other in a more relaxed atmosphere. Games have a way of doing that–far more than movies do. They are great for family and friends alike, as we spend a few relaxed hours together.

Did anyone else host (or attend wink) a game night? I would love to hear your stories.


This month, let’s invite a couple of acquaintances from our church or workplace for coffee (or tea). You can meet at a local coffee house or in your own home. Focus on women (or men if you are a man) who may be single, widowed, or divorced–the ones that rarely get invited anywhere because they aren’t a “couple”.


5 thoughts on “2016 Hospitality Challenge: March”

  1. Carolyn Gochenaur

    Yes, why aren’t we hospitable any more? It actually seems to be a lost art. Everyone seems to be so busy and sports take up family time and we feel we need to have our houses look like they came out of Better Homes & Gardens or Martha Stewart Living. And our food out of Taste of Home or the Betty Crocker Cookbook. NO! Just have a plan even if it’s just to serve popcorn, apples, and pop and watch a movie or play games. Have your home be a haven to others who might long to be with you. Make it simple!

    1. Yes, that was a hard lesson for me to learn. I felt such PRESSURE because housekeeping and cooking are not my strengths. I had to really just release my idea of perfection and focus on making people feel comfortable and loved. But it wasn’t easy…

  2. Like you, we were invited to a games evening so didn’t host one! This month I’ve invited the ladies of our house group to a prayer breakfast – first time I’ve ever done this so your prayer support would be especially appreciated ☺

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