Wednesday Wisdom: The Lord Will Be My Shepherd


I thought that, after the two long posts on Monday and Tuesday, I would just do a short post for Wednesday Wisdom today. I don’t know about you, but I am still processing the story of Casa de Pan!

I heard this beautiful paraphrase of Psalm 23 several months ago. As I searched for the lyrics online, I had a very difficult time finding them. But, eventually, after a little work, I came across them. I can’t even remember the tune (I wish I could!) but what great comfort and wisdom in these words. 


The Lord will be my shepherd, He knows my ev’ry need.
He renews my faith each morning with the promise of His peace.
As I rest in a quiet meadow, or beside a clear blue stream,
the Lord will be my shepherd, I will follow where He leads.
Though the shadows of darkness surround me, I will never be afraid,
for I know the Lord will protect me from the dangers I must face.
When there’s anger or trouble around me, and I want to run and hide,
I will find Him near to calm my fear, always at my side.
The Lord will be my shepherd wherever I may go.
He will fill me with His kindness, He will strengthen me with hope.
When my day at last is over, He will come and take me home.
The Lord will be my shepherd, I will never be alone.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom: The Lord Will Be My Shepherd”

  1. Hello.
    I was using Google to search for the lyrics of a song, and I came to see your post.
    Isn’t the song “The Lord Will Be My Shepherd” composed by Don Besig and Nancy Price?
    I’m leaving this comment just in case if you still want to know about the music.
    If it wasn’t your post, I would have listened to the song multiple times to jot down the lyrics for hours..
    Thank you for the post, and God bless.

  2. Hello! Thank you for your post. I was searching for the lyrics in English because I just have scores with Korean lyrics. You can hear the song in Youtube.
    God bless you.

      1. Similar situation here as Young Park. I just have Chinese lyrics. Thank you for posting the English lyrics here.

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