Weathering the Storms of Life


Trials in life generally do not fit into our well-laid plans, do they? Along with wreaking havoc to our schedules and in our families, they also tend to fill us with uncertainty, doubt, frustration, and hopelessness.

But should this be our response? What part does faith actually play as we face real-life trials?

This past Sunday my brother, Pastor Dean, preached two sermons on weathering the storms of life. In listening to them I was challenged, encouraged, and convicted. Mostly convicted. Sometimes God brings something my way that affects me profoundly. This was one of those times.

The fact that Pastor Dean and his family are currently experiencing their own considerable trial gave these sermons a notable authenticity. These two sermons, given from his own search of the scriptures as they weather their storm, take us beyond the typical platitudes as he unpacks what the scriptures have to say about trials and our response to them.

And so for today’s post, I want to refer you to these two sermons by Pastor Dean. Be encouraged and uplifted–and perhaps also challenged and convicted–as you weather your own storms, whether they be small or large. This is for those experiencing small trials (like a car that won’t start) and large trials (like an unexpected health diagnosis) and everything in between. In other words, this is for all of us believers. I am confident that you will find these worth every minute of your time. I truly hope that many of you will take the time to listen to these.


Part 1:


Part 2:



Click here if you’d like to listen to more sermons by Pastor Dean.

Please note: If the link doesn’t work, click on the down arrow at the top right of the page. I have found I sometimes need to do this in order to listen on my iPhone.

5 thoughts on “Weathering the Storms of Life”

  1. So pleased to be here again, Leslie! If a divorce is a storm, well, I ll have to face that from now on, as I received the papers a few days before… If the Lord allowed that to happen, He will go with me all the way. My husband is decided! Even if we have together 3 kids and married for 23 years…
    Encouragement for your brother and his dear wife? Keeping their eyes on Jesus and His will may be done in this hard situation they are facing! My God allowed me 6 more years of <<cancer free<< down here… I finished my chemo in 2011, my brain cancer surgery was in 2009. I will be here as long as my God allow me to be! I am ready to go home anytime! Hymns so precious to my soul… Here: and . I ll pray for you all! Awaiting for His return, CF

    1. I just finished listening to the first part, Leslie… I am really in awe of my Lord, but in awe also of your brother s way of preaching! It s simply amazing! The “color” of his preaching is the same as my pastor s preaching! Sound doctrine is so important! Only one exception: my pastor s way is KJV only. Same as your brother, my pastor is always telling us that the more we know our Bible, the hardest is to fall in the trap of the false teachers . My pastor is not afraid to “offend” us by calling us for not reading our Bible once a year, year after year. I see how strong in the Lord is your brother, Leslie! I was blessed by his preaching! I am praying for his wife, in Jesus name, to be as strong in the Lord as him, and to fully trust that God is in control ALL THE TIME! 2 Timothy 1:7 says: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Love you in the Lord, CF

      1. by calling us “lazy Christians”… Sorry. I was saying so many “Amen”, while listening! So great message! Thank you!

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