Remembering the Reformation: Introduction


How much do you know about the Protestant Reformation? In 1517,  Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church and began a movement back to biblical theology. God used him and other men (and women) to bring His church back to pure doctrine. October 31 will mark the official 500th anniversary!

500 years is a long time and we have, obviously, forgotten quite a bit of what we learned back then. I have been dismayed to see the lackadaisical attitudes of believers towards Catholicism. Don’t they understand that Catholic works-based salvation is what the Reformation fathers fought against?

This would seem to be a great month to dig a little deeper into the history of the Reformation and educate ourselves so that–at least on an individual scale–we don’t neglect and negate all that took place those many years ago.

I know most of you don’t enjoy history all that much (and your eyes have probably already glazed over!) But please stick around! I hope you will give me an opportunity to provide posts on the Reformation that will be readable, beneficial, and enjoyable even for people who don’t love history (most of you?!?)

I am not going to give an official timeline, although I am going to try to provide these posts on Thursdays, as I am able. Since this will take quite a bit of reading and research for me to prepare, it may not be every Thursday.

Here is what I am going to cover–

1.Before the Beginning

2. An overview and timeline of the Reformation

3. Brief sketches of key figures involved

4. The five solas of the Reformation

5. What does Catholic doctrine actually teach?

6. How does the Reformation affect me today?

UPDATE: 11/16/17 — In contemplating both the responses (or lack thereof) I was getting from these posts and also the plethora of really great information already available to all of us (much of it at no cost), I made the decision to discontinue this series. You can read the final post here: Remembering the Reformation: What’s It Have To Do With Today?


13 thoughts on “Remembering the Reformation: Introduction”

  1. Thank you for adding your voice! I’ve been trying to do a similar thing on my blog every Tuesday since last November 1. It’s hard, but absolutely essential, work. I praise God for your courage to do this series.

  2. All the Protestant churches are moving toward holding hands with Catholicism. This is called Ecumenical teaching. We were all opposed to this now all Christians are accepting this false doctrine. None of the teachings are bible based and no one objects because we don’t read our bible’s anymore. Very Sad.

    1. Yes, you are exactly right. I am hoping that these series will help people to see why it is impossible, according to scripture, to be unified with the Catholic church.

    2. (Well–at least a few people. My readership isn’t that big. But I try to do what I can! haha) And, yes, it is beyond sad. Biblical illiteracy is epidemic among those who call themselves believers and it has changed everything.

  3. Hi Leslie…I believe people are going to (or rather should) have their “beliefs” turned upside down. The teachings of the church have been so diluted, Gods absolute truth will seem foreign & hard to swallow. My prayers are with you as you unpack the luggage of this “travel to the truth” in history. It is much needed & ALL believers should have this knowledge of what actually happened, why it still (and always will) applies & why/how it’s been jeopardized. God bless.

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