When to Stop Talking

Every year there are “Christian” books that rise to the popular status of “everyone must read”. This kind of popularity always raises a red flag for me because the Bible’s message of denying self and taking up our cross is definitely not popular in a world that teaches self-absorption and the importance of following our dreams.

And usually (but not always) these trendy books that are labeled Christian show their true colors when we dig a little deeper. Underneath all of the Christian lingo, we will generally find them full of human wisdom and new age principles.

Of course, Christians are the ones that catapult these books to the bestseller list, imbibing all their appealing, comforting, and uplifting messages without ever really stopping to think if they line up with scripture.

It started with books like Experiencing God, Purpose-Driven Life, The Shack, Jesus Calling, The Circle Maker, Your Best Life Now and it has continued on until now there are so many, it is hard to keep track. There is always a latest, greatest book that all Christians “should read”.

And these books are changing the way we view God and His Word. By inserting man-centered, new age, occultic thoughts and principles, these authors are successfully weaving mainstream Christianity into something that will melt right into the New World Order. This is not conspiracy. This is fact. If you think I am crazy for saying this, I encourage you to do a little research. You will find that it cannot be denied.

Sadly, many Christians are reading these books instead of reading their Bibles, essentially presenting themselves as prey to all kinds of false teachers and doctrines.

But here’s the thing: Most don’t care.

That’s right. Most who call themselves Christians do not care that the Bible doesn’t line up with what they are reading.

I am always amazed to read the comments of a solid book review that compares the latest, greatest “Christian” book to what scripture teaches. Christians, in droves, will go to battle to defend these books. The negative comment will often start like this–

“Well, I think…” or “The book made me feel…” and “But it had so much good…”

The thing is this: Of course it made you think and feel good things. It wouldn’t be a best seller if it didn’t. And, of course, it contained a few biblical messages. That is the only way Satan can sell it to Christians. He can’t make it too obvious or we won’t buy it.

But most don’t care that the essence of the book’s message is full of man’s wisdom and not biblical. They just don’t care. They are much more concerned about their feelings than they are about adhering to the Word of God. Even if you show them specific ways that a book (or ministry or teacher) contradicts scripture and use a plethora of verses to prove your point from the Bible, they will continue in their defense of the unbiblical book (or false teacher or heretical ministry).

And that is when we stop talking.

We cannot make someone care about what scripture says. We cannot force them to hold the Bible as the authority and guidebook for their lives. We cannot coerce someone to open their blind eyes.

And so we stop talking. Otherwise, we will just create unnecessary rifts and divides. Of course, oftentimes, it’s not as simple as this. Some people like debates and they want to keep talking. But we must remember that, while it is healthy to have a good discussion, it is also important that we discern when our words are doing more harm than good.

We have to understand that our words hold no weight if the other person doesn’t care what the Bible has to say. Because God’s Word is literally our only defense. It is the only base from which to speak truth. Our opinions about these matters mean absolutely nothing.

And so it takes some wisdom and discernment to know when it’s best to just stop talking and to start praying. For it is God and only God that changes the heart.

And praise God for those who do want to know! In this age of rampant apostasy and easy-believism, we can grow discouraged at the great number of Christians who just don’t seem to care. But let’s be thankful that there are still those that want to know the truth. There are still so many who want to live by God’s Word and yet they are simply unaware that they are ingesting heresy.

And let’s not forget one very important thing: We don’t know everything. Just because God may have opened our eyes in one area doesn’t mean our eyes are opened in every area. It is so important that we stay humble and teachable, willing to listen to what others have to say and thoughtfully compare it to the Word of God.

So let’s be humble and talk when we are given opportunities, but let’s also carefully discern when it is best to stop talking, take a step back, and really pray for someone. For it is only God who can make the blind eyes see.



19 thoughts on “When to Stop Talking”

  1. I have had a few talks over the years but I know what happens and I have decided to hush before I do damage. With one particular young woman, who I know admires Beth Moore’s teaching, I gave her an article about the trouble with B. M. It was almost like she was struck dumb. And it caused a rift. So there is an instant refusal to accept what they are hearing from someone in their own church. Older women are reading Jesus Calling. When we came here one of the older girls in church gave me the set of Jesus Calling and the journal! Since then another woman, a lovely servant, reads Jesus Calling every day! So, I would feel so much better if I could just have a conversation to warn these gals but can’t risk it for the sake of my husband’s ministry. Praying is my only weapon but I feel like I am whipping out and that bothers me. I appreciate you for writing to these issues. I shared this one in my f.b. Status.

    1. As one pastor’s wife to another… May I suggest to you that praying is not your “only option” but it is THE God-given option for you—more powerful than any words you could speak. If you are praying, you are doing your part of the job… Encouraged in this, my sister!

  2. It truly is hard to talk to others about certain authors people have chosen to follow, and I am really grateful that people like you have helped me turn from authors I was following. Even though I can’ t reach people, just know that you have.

  3. Leslie, as always you’re spot on. Great message and a great reminder for me. Sometimes I think the reason the person I’m talking to doesn’t want to listen is because I’m not doing a good job at explaining myself but I’m pretty thorough so I guess it’s just because they don’t want to see the truth. It’s hard and it really upsets me. I just have to keep praying since that’s all I can do :(

    1. Thanks, Kris. It can be so upsetting–especially when it’s someone we love dearly or when we see that someone’s wrong belief is rippling out across our church or family and drawing many others along with them. That’s when I have to remind myself that it is in God’s control. I want to be used by Him as He gives opportunities but we cannot change people or situations. This has been a very hard truth for me to reconcile with, personally.

  4. I go to church online with the only Pastor’s I trust because the ones here in the so-called ‘bible belt’ have told me they TRUST their women’s leaders when it comes to Beth Moore and they believe Jesus Calling and Purpose Driven Life are the modern words to follow … it is scary and I try to reach others, but it is like you say, they like being more self indulgent and like thinking that is God’s way for them … however, I will share this article/blog on FB and with other friends who aren’t there and maybe someday God will let the right person read it, hear it, believe it. Thank you for always giving us thoughtful and thought-provoking words to lead us back to the one Word of importance.

    1. Thanks for sharing the post. And I would ask you to reconsider your decision not to go to a church. :) Even if we can’t find a 100% solid church it is important that we fellowship with other believers as well as shine the light of God’s Word in our churches (a rather sad and yet necessary thing…!)

      1. Pamela- unfortunately hubby and I are in a similar situation as you.
        Leslie – I know what you are saying about fellowship. We took a break from looking for awhile because we didn’t want our frustration with man’s version of christian to negatively impact our relationship with the Lord. Going to a spiritual dying (at best) church eats away at me. It is so hard to find believers who love God’s Word first and foremost who don’t care about whether you wear dress clothes to church or don’t have legalistic view.
        We will likely start looking again soon. Please keep us in prayer.

      2. Leslie, I have a question…I’m in the same situation as Pamela. I struggle with this so much…I cannot find a sound church and keep thinking its better not to go and support a false church as it seems the opposite of what Christ would want?? I compare it with accepting an invitation to say a homosexual wedding. If God’s word is being perverted I really have a hard time attending and ‘validating’ that message with my presence. I’d like some clarity on this…

        1. This is a tough question. I will just say that I do believe that eventually we will be forced to our homes to hold church there. I don’t think we should do this though until we’ve really exhausted all options. If you truly can’t find a sound church in your area then holding church at home by praying, singing some hymns and then listening to a godly pastor online may be your best option. I don’t really believe attending a heretical, false church is ever in our best interest or, more importantly, is honoring to Christ.

          1. “Don’t find the church closest to your house. Find the church closest to the Bible.” ~ a pastor, paraphrased.

            If one cannot find a solid church in the area, either a long distance must be driven to go to church, or you should move. Our lives must conform to God’s word no matter the cost, no matter what we must do in order to obey. If that thing must be moving or driving long distances, so be it.

            P.S. I really appreciate your blog :)

  5. Very good read!!! So many Christians need to read this. Keep writing for the Lord! Yes, we do need to pray for all.

  6. Perfectly said! I pass your blog on to so many people. Remember so many more people see your wise words than you will ever know! And the Lord uses you to touch so many hearts with truth! Keep on writing truth!

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