What Is Ahead?

This post is specifically for those of you who are watching what is happening in America and are filled with unease, anxiety, dread, and even fear, as you consider her future.

I am writing this unscheduled post for you because I am thinking there may be a few of you out there who feel like me. And maybe we just need to know right now that we are not all alone.

I  am being eerily reminded of a scene from the “Left Behind” movie. It is during a meeting and there are 10-15 people sitting around a large round table. Nicolai picks up a g** and does away with the two men who helped him rise in power. After he is finished, he calmly explains that it was a double suicide and gives a detailed explanation of “what happened”. The people leave the meeting believing what they are told, instead of what they have seen with their own eyes.

I am stunned as I watched something very similar happen yesterday. The media is telling us what happened. It belies what we saw with our own eyes. They have removed dissenting voices from media platforms so that there is no other side. The masses just lap it all up as truth without any critical thinking or research at all. (Might I add that with just a little bit of research one can find serious oddities and inconsistencies with the story they are giving about yesterday.)

The academic world has been preparing for this for a long time. This is their crowning moment. They have literally taught two whole generations not to think for themselves. And then to top it off, they have demonized anyone who is willing to speak up or ask questions. I believe we are watching the fruition of something very dark and scary.

We are eroding into a “1984” society right in front of our eyes and most are just going right along and even believing the narrative!

As we have endured the last ten months of lies, deception, censoring, and fear-mongering, it all seemed to come to a head with the election. Do I believe there was that “f” word involved? You bet I do. It doesn’t take too much research to see the inconsistencies and lies and carefully planned destruction of complicit businesses that prove it abounded. But, again, if you only listen to mainstream news, you will be told a completely different story. And, most likely, you will believe it.

I don’t write about politics. And I’m not going to start now. I want to draw our attention to how confusing, chaotic, and overwhelming the world as become. I want to point at how deception can be played out before our very eyes (and we’ve seen that on so many, many levels) and people believe it.

If you are like me, then you will agree that this is probably one of the most frustrating aspects of all of this.

I believe that life as we know it is over. We’ve suspected it was over. We thought it probably was. But today we have to face the fact that it really is. It’s over.

And we wonder what the future will look like? Perhaps it won’t be so bad? Maybe it will be just awful? The new world order and its plan for humanity look tyrannical, controlling, and extremely unpleasant. It’s pretty scary if you think too much on it.

And, of course, will all of this lead to civil war? Will America have another war on its soil? This is the question on so many of our minds.

Unfortunately, we have to face the fact that all of this is outside of our control.

All of it is completely and utterly outside of our control.

As we watch our nation literally implode from the inside, we are helpless. There is nothing we can do. As we see socialism rear its ugly head on the horizon, we are impotent. We have no power to change the outcome that we see coming. As we see a tyrannical globalism stretch its fingers across the entire world, we are powerless. The “Great Reset” will be put into motion with or without our approval.

I think most of us are still reeling in shock. We have already been weakened by the divisive lock-downs and orders to social distance. We feel disconnected from our church families. Many of us feel alone and lost without human companionship. Some of you are losing businesses, others of you find yourselves unable to watch over your loved one’s healthcare in nursing homes or hospitals, or still others aren’t allowed to see your kids and grandkids. We are already discouraged, depressed, and weak.

I’ve gotta tell you, the enemy is BRILLIANT. Just brilliant. His plan, which was carefully prepared for years in advance, is being played out and we are but pawns in his deadly game.

Yesterday, I shared something I learned from a book I’ve recently re-read call Green Leaf in Drought. One thing I failed to mention in that post was regarding what is ahead for us.

The missionary family, forced to stay in northwest China for several years after the new communist government came into power, always had the hope of going home. America was full of comforts and conveniences and, maybe most important of all, freedom and security.

As my mom said a few weeks ago, there is going to be no free and safe America to go to anymore. As I read that book, my heart was filled with sorrow. America, that historic symbol of freedom, is changing. Her shores will no longer offer a harbor of freedom and safety.

And then it hit me.

I, too, have the hope of going home!

My home isn’t here. It. Is. Not. Here.

Whatever is ahead, whatever we will all need to face in the days ahead, if we are saved**, we have reason to hope!

Oh, how I keep ending up in that temporal mindset of mourning the country I have loved. Sorrowing over a world that is not my home.

But I am simply a pilgrim traveling through. My future home is still waiting for me. It’s perfect. There will be no crying, no trouble, no sorrow, no heartache there.

Oh, heaven is sounding sweeter and sweeter every day.

So what is ahead?

This temporal life is probably going to get much harder. But what is waiting for us after this world? Well, that’s going to get a whole lot sweeter if we are one of Christ’s own. We have so much to look forward to. We have an eternal Hope that no system of government, no man, no war, no persecution can take from us. And we are going to be okay.


 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

(Philippians 1:21)



**If you are not relying on Christ alone, through faith alone, for your salvation from sins, then what is waiting for you after death is eternal punishment. May I implore you to turn to Christ right now, today, so that you, too, can have eternal life spent with God in heaven? You can find out more here. And, as always, please feel free to email me at leslie {at} growing4life {dot} net if you have any questions. :)



6 thoughts on “What Is Ahead?”

  1. Very well said, Leslie. I am in shock and grieving over everything that happened yesterday, and I completely agree with everything you just said. Praise God that this world is not our home, and that the evil forces bent on destroying this world aren’t the ones in ultimate control!

  2. Thank you for your unscheduled post. We are living in unsettling times. Totally unsettling. The blind belief and obedience to what is seen and told is scary. And frustrating. Divided families, even more than normal, angry friends, mean people. I admit I was feeling pretty anxious last night. I kept coming back to “lean into Him.” “Lord, go before us.” And to myself, “stick close.” My word of the year is WALK. Even in the middle of the night, my mind was playing “When we walk with the Lord, in the light of His Word, what a glory He sheds on our way. While we do His good will, He abides with us still, and with all who will trust and obey.Trust and obey, for there’s no other way. To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.”

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