Wednesday Wisdom: Learning from Creation

IMG_4168revI am sitting here on a screened-in porch by the Caribbean sea this morning enjoying some quiet time and thinking about what I want to post this morning (and, really, even if I want to post this morning…) when all of a sudden it started raining. I watched the rain for a few minutes when suddenly I realized that there was a rainbow. And not just any rainbow, but the fullest, brightest rainbow I have ever seen! It was gorgeous and my picture does not do it even a bit of justice.

The beautiful rainbow brought to mind the awesome sites we’ve seen the last couple of days in our exploration of Grand Cayman Island. We have come across incredible skies, wildlife, plants, and sea creatures that just confirm the awesome beauty of God’s creation. I thought that I would share some of the photos here. Instead of presenting someone else’s writing this Wednesday, I am presenting God’s creation, basing this post on Romans 1:20. I hope you enjoy these shots that I have taken.

P.S. For any interested photographers–all of these photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX260 HS

IMG_4152 IMG_4109 IMG_4082 IMG_4055 IMG_4053 IMG_4041 IMG_4012 IMG_4005r IMG_3979 IMG_3971 IMG_3964 IMG_3954 IMG_3946 IMG_3911 IMG_3862 IMG_3860 IMG_3845 IMG_3820 IMG_3795 IMG_3776 IMG_3751





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