Snapshots of Guatemala

I have a ton of thoughts going through my mind. I also have a few extra minutes to write a post. How to describe all that I have seen? So far, we have experienced church in Guatemala, visited the mountainside ghetto, and the state orphanage. Today half of our team was staining the play set at Dorie’s Promise orphanage, until we ran out of stain! The other half of the team is still at the city dump pouring a concrete floor for a family.

So here are a few {unorganized} thoughts–

–The hardest thing by far for me as been to grapple with my human sense of fairness. Why was I born in the U.S.? Why do I have enough to eat? Why do I live in luxury compared to so many in the rest of the world? And what am I supposed to do with it? These questions are always most pressing when I am among the unfortunate of the world.

–There has been frustration in not knowing the language. Oh, how I wish I remembered more than I do. But I am trying to remember my 4 years of high school Spanish, which was very long ago. I am starting to remember a few words and phrases here and there. Adrienne and I love to play with the babies, because they don’t try to tell you things you can’t understand!

–We (Adrienne and I) have renewed hearts just filled with gratefulness for all of the blessings we enjoy at home. And it’s not just the blessings of material things, but the love of family and friends, the security of not having to put bars on our windows or to live in gated communities to feel safe, the love of parents and grandparents, and the lack of worry and stress we have when it comes to the basics of living. Of course, if I am honest, I am enjoying having a maid in the guest house and wish I could bring her along home! ;) She is so sweet and is even doing some of our personal laundry!

Well, that’s enough for now. I am out of time. Thanks so much to those who are praying! Words can’t express just how much we appreciate it :)







4 thoughts on “Snapshots of Guatemala”

  1. Thank you for sharing, Leslie. We are praying for you and are glad to hear how the Lord is using you to help others and the lessons He is reminding you of. May you continue to have a blessed week.

  2. So good to hear some of your thoughts as you minister in a completely different culture. I’ve been thinking about you and Adrienne and praying for your strength, health, patience, and ability to share God’s love with all you encounter.

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