Red Cups and the Media

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I know I am coming in a little late on this Red Cup story. By now the frequent postings about it are being replaced with the awful news of terrorist attacks happening in Paris. I am glad the red cup posts are disappearing but I am very sad that it took such an awful tragedy to replace them. Let’s be praying for the people of that city! But before the red cup story vanishes completely from history, I thought I’d share this quick post.

First, let me say that of all my 500 plus–and mostly conservative– Facebook friends, not one– not one— posted anything that implied in even the slightest way that they were irritated by Starbucks changing their cups. Now if Christians were up in arms about this, I think I would have seen the “for/against” debate raging all over my Facebook page. Instead of a debate, I just saw, plastered all over my page, post after post after post saying how ridiculous it was to get upset about red cups.

So I ask you: who are these elusive folks so upset about this?

I did a little googling and it looks to me like the whole thing stems from one irate customer who claimed that Starbucks was declaring war on Christmas by changing their cups. I don’t know this guy, but I can tell you that I don’t want to be included categorically with some guy like this and I am guessing you don’t either.

And I can’t help but wonder–is there a possibility that the media lumped all of us Christians together and then exaggerated this story to further divide this country? To make us Christians look like ridiculous nit-pickers?

I really have no idea, but it sure does look suspicious to me. I mean, first off–who in the world would possibly care what Starbucks puts on their cups? Secondly, why would we expect them to promote the true meaning of Christmas when they stand against almost everything else taught in the Bible? Starbucks is one of the most liberal companies in the world. Even I know that and I rarely watch the news. If we don’t like it, we don’t need to buy their coffee.

I know this has just about died down in light of the very serious and newsworthy happenings in Paris going on, but I just thought I’d send out a reminder: Don’t believe everything you hear coming from the liberal media. They are biased and have proven themselves to be very untrustworthy. If they tell us that Christians are up in arms about something, we’d better do some of our own investigating before we jump on any bandwagon for or against.

Just a few thoughts for this Saturday afternoon :)

6 thoughts on “Red Cups and the Media”

  1. I had the same reaction to the red cup story. It was sad to me to see my liberal Christian friends jumping on the bandwagon ridiculing conservative Christians who were supposedly up in arms about the cup. I didn’t see one of my conservative friends get upset about the cup. And I have a lot more conservative Christian friends than liberal friends. The tragedy in Paris has made me wish for a world where there was nothing more important than arguing over a red cup.

  2. Agreed and was thinking the same thing. I couldn’t find the “outrage” about a cup (admittedly didn’t look very hard as I couldn’t see what makes this cup offensive). What I could see everywhere was the response to said outrage. So I was wondering if it wasn’t the work of spin doctors. The irony is that the cups in the past were not “Christian” either. Reindeer, snowflakes, and mistletoe may be wintery… But have nothing to do with celebrating the birth of my Savior. And personally I like the simplicity.

  3. When all this started, I looked at the cup and saw the blood of my Savior who shed His blood that my sins could be washed away.

  4. You are spot on, Leslie. Just like our Pastor said this morning, “All this ridiculous ‘red cup’ controversy…is making us Christians look stupid.”

  5. Often those that will get “all up in arms” about something like what a company puts on their cups, or companies that replace “Merry Christmas” with “happy holidays,” will turn a blind eye to bad doctrine in their church. They will join up with those that teach heresy or commit blasphemy as long as they are on the same side on social issues. If somebody says that Jesus was just a man or that there are other mediators between you and God other than Jesus, there is silence. But let someone say happy holidays or support abortion or homosexuality, and the battle rages. We need to be sure to pick out battles for the right reasons. I couldn’t care less what Starbucks puts on their cups but I do care when I hear a false gospel preached. But to get back to the actual post, the media is famous for making a big deal out of one or two complaints, meanwhile the complaints of thousands or millions will be ignored by them.

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