How Does the Holy Spirit Work Today?

Throughout the month of December, my brother, Pastor Dean Good*, preached a short sermon series on the sign gifts. Are they still in operation today? And, according to scripture, why or why not?

That little phrase “according to scripture” is our key, right? What does scripture teach us about how the Holy Spirit works today?

This is a powerful sermon series that walks step by step through scripture to help us understand this rather confusing topic. Is God really telling people to follow their hearts, even if it leads to sin? Is He telling people to follow their dreams? Is He giving impressions and dreams and goose bumps and fuzzy, warm feelings that signify His approval or His will?

Another important part of this topic is the speaking of tongues and other sign gifts. What does the Bible teach us about these specifically? Are these gifts still for today? And are they manifested in the same way today as they were in the Bible?

I can honestly think of no more important topic than this one. Most of us don’t even realize that we’ve slid into the mystical morass that is cultural Christianity. We’ve absorbed these unbiblical ideas and don’t even realize it. This phenomenon was not the norm for Christianity for thousands of years and is therefore fairly recent, as Pastor Dean will show in his sermon that explains the history of how we ended up here.

I hope that this series blesses someone out there who has been struggling to figure out this confusing topic. I know it helped my husband and me so much! It was so very clarifying. We knew what we believed but we didn’t really have a good grasp on why we believed it. And this series gave that grasp to both of us. We can’t recommend it highly enough!

And one final encouragement: I know that history may be unappealing to many of you. But I encourage you not to skip the history sermon as it gives vital insight to the conclusions reached by Pastor Dean and it also gives much confirmation to what we learn in scripture regarding this topic.

You can find all of the sermons at this link (scroll to the bottom to find the first sermon). This link is for audio only–

How Does the Holy Spirit Work Today?

If you prefer video, you will find them at these links (they are listed in order)–

Does the Spirit Continue to Give the Gifts of Tongues? (message begins at 32 min. mark)

The History of the Modern Pentecostal and Charismatic Movement (message begins at 9 min. mark)

Are the Sign and Revelatory Gifts for Today? (message begins at 28 min. mark)

The Leading of God (message begins at 36 min. mark)

BONUS: Pastor Dean shared his notes with his congregation for his sermon regarding the history of the Pentecostal movement and gave me permission to share them with you. You can find those here: History of the Pentecostal Movement

*Pastor Dean Good is pastor of Grace Church of North Olmsted, outside of Cleveland, Ohio, where he has been preaching since 2004. Being my brother and also one of my best friends for my whole life, I wholly trust Dean. He is wholly committed to preaching the Word of God without compromise and to living out his faith both privately and publicly. Of course, not perfectly, but very consistently. My family and I have been much blessed by “Uncle Dean’s” preaching of the Word.

6 thoughts on “How Does the Holy Spirit Work Today?”

  1. I just listened to the first sermon. Wow! Can’t wait to hear the rest. I’m a former Charismatic, so this topic is near and dear to my heart. Charismatics need this sort of teaching desperately.

    I’m looking forward to AGTV’s upcoming movie, Cessationist. Will you be watching?

    1. Great! The rest are just as good, if not better! So so helpful!

      And I’ve not even heard of that movie. Email me some info if you have opportunity to do so sometime.

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