Freedom isn’t free


Most people view Memorial Day as the beginning of summer.  But think with me for just a minute about the actual holiday and what it stands for.

You see, many men died so that you can be eating that hamburger.  Many men died so that you can be sitting comfortably by your pool.

Many are those who would criticize, humiliate, and otherwise degrade our leaders and our troops.   It pains me to hear it.  For I realize that if America had not stepped in on many occasions, the world would look very differently.  Your life…my life…would look very differently.

I think that we may have become so far removed from World War II, the last war that was felt by every citizen in the United States, that we forget how much freedom truly costs.  We also forget the great reward for the fight.  We do not remember the emotions that surged upon VE-Day or VJ-Day.  You see, if there is going to be freedom, there is going to be a battle.   For there are always evil men trying to rule the world.  Whether it is their own personal world or the entire world.  And when someone tries to stop them, the cost will be great.  And many men will pay with their lives.  I thank the men (and women) who have stood up for freedom and offered their lives, so that many could be free.

On this day, let’s remember those that fought the fight for freedom across this great land.   And their families, as well.   Let’s not forget that someone paid a high price for us to live free here in America.   And for many others across the world to enjoy that freedom, as well.   And, lest you shout, we are not free here in America…do a little checking.  Read about the daily life in most of the countries in the world.  Yes, America has changed and it does grow worse…but it is still where I would choose to live, given the choice!

And one more final thing to think on.  Christ died so that you could be free.  Free from the penalty of sin.  He paid the price.  He fought your war and paid the ultimate price of His life.  He has given the gift of salvation…if you choose to accept it.  I hope that your own personal country is free and secure and at peace.   (John 3:16)

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