I Will Be Happy Tomorrow


Many of us live our lives perpetually dreaming about tomorrow. We know that we will be happier then and live for that vicarious, vague time that never seems to arrive–

When I am married, then I will be happy.  Until you tie the knot.

When I have children, then I will be happy.  Until you have kids.

When my children are more self-sufficient, then I will be happy.  Until they are out of diapers.

When my children are in school, then I will be happy.  Until they ride off on the bus.

When my children leave the home, then I will be happy.  Until you are an empty-nester.

When I retire, then I will be happy.  Until you don’t have to wake up to your alarm clock.

Somehow these transitions in life never bring us the perfection we anticipated. The next season is just another one filled with joys and heartaches; failures and victories — just like those before it.

The world tells us that happiness always lies just around the corner. Happiness is never where you are, but where you think you should be. Happiness is anything but this. But this is a lie straight from the Father of lies himself.

Perhaps you have purchased the lie. You may be in a funk because you are not living this God-ordained moment with joy, but instead have chosen to be discontent. Maybe you have worked yourself into a state of frustration because today is not tomorrow. We probably all need a Biblical re-orientation.

A quick study of the words rejoice and contentment will make us hang our heads in shame. Here are a few to get you started–

“This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)

“Now godliness with contentment is great gain.” (I Timothy 6:6)

And once again, we realize that our worries, problems, anxieties, frustrations and confusions have a solution (notice I didn’t say easy solution) by immersing ourselves in scripture and knowing solid, biblical theology–

1.       The doctrine of sovereignty reminds us that the day we are living is exactly the day that God has ordained for us. (Psalm 37:23; Psalm 139).  We are in the season we are in by His divine design. Perhaps we are living the horrible consequences of our own sin and yet we know that He can make something beautiful from our bad choices. We have to trust in God, realizing that we will never be content with any season we are in until we submit wholly and fully to His sovereignty.

2.       If we have been saved by grace we have a real reason to rejoice right now! (Psalm 33:21; I Peter 1:8) Knowing that we have a Savior allows us to rejoice today, not tomorrow when we perceive that things will be easier or better. Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice! (Philippians 4:4)

If we have grown discontent because we perpetually long for tomorrow, perhaps we need to re-orient our thinking. Let’s remember that we have many reasons to rejoice today. Let’s choose to be content right now.

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