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Have you ever heard of the term “the shot heard around the world”? It actually refers to several different events in history that changed the world. I would never imply that one of my posts changed the world, however one of them recently did change my world.

Let me explain–

About three years ago, I sat down at my computer to write for this blog. I really didn’t have a plan about what I was going to write that particular day but then remembered an incident that had happened the day before and within 10 minutes had written What does the Bible say about OMG?. As is usually the case with all my posts, I edited and re-edited it a few times and then I posted it. Within a few days I had around 2000 people read that post– far, far more than I normally have. But after a short time it died down and I had no more subscribers or Facebook followers than I had before that and I went back to my tiny obscure little blog.

Since that time, I had made peace with the fact that Growing4Life would remain small and unknown. And that was just fine with me.

But then last week something happened. I still do not have any idea how it happened, but nevertheless it did. Growing4Life rarely has more than 50 views per day. On a good day it may be 100. But last Tuesday, the stats climbed to 7000 within a matter of hours. All centered around this post I wrote three years ago. The post went viral and within the next four days I had more than 200,000 views representing what seemed like almost every country in the world of just that one post. But this time–unlike three years ago–Growing4Life subscribers and Facebook followers increased dramatically.

So why am I telling you this? It is because if you are a new subscriber, I want to assure you that I will be sending the bonus prayer organizing worksheets to you as soon as I can. With so many people being added so quickly, I have had a hard time keeping up. If you don’t receive them within the next week but would like them, please email me at leslie{at} and I will make sure you get them. I am really worried that one of you will get missed in this influx of subscriptions.

I also wanted to thank those of you that have signed up to receive the posts or who have followed Growing4Life via Facebook or Twitter. I am honored that you are willing to have Growing4Life turn up in your inbox a couple of times a week or to show up on your Facebook or Twitter feed.

My goal is to encourage and challenge believers in their walk with God, always basing it on scripture. I hope that you will find Growing4Life a blessing to you.

Thank you!


5 thoughts on “The Post Read Around the World”

  1. Today I was introduced to your blog on FB, had never seen it before. It was on OMG I read that and it brought rolling tears down my cheeks. I don’t use that because it has never seemed like it was uplifting to the Father. I do personally use Oh My Gosh and never thought that would be LIKE taking the name of God in vain. Your site and words made me realize how so very careful we have to be, in vain always made me think about cursing. But it immediately made me realize that is not the only way “in vain” can be. I will forever now be watching how I use the English language. Thank you When I liked your site I immediately got another post on FB and it was the one On “the shot” having no idea they were connected so I read it. Your amazement at posting the OMG much earlier and it just now taking off reminds me of how our Father knows the perfect timing for all things and that is when he reveals them. I for one was truly bleesed tonight to see your site and I will be following on FB and looking forward to many more posts that I can share and I know they will reach the hearts that GOD intends at the very moment He wants to reveal them to someone. Thank you for your words of wisdom and sharing the things you have learned in your journey with The Lord Barbara Harkins

  2. Leslie, I’m glad that post has had so much attention, and glad it has brought you more readers. You challenge your readers to think about what being a Christian really means, to think about whether we are really living our life in a way that shows we love the Lord as we claim.

    A reader does not need to agree with all of your conclusions to profit — the pattern of learning to think, to examine ourselves and our daily habits and thought patterns, to work to bring all things into conformity with our Lord’s desires, is incredibly valuable. God gave us a mind, and you encourage your readers to use it in godly ways.

    May our Lord bless you with the desire and the integrity to remain faithful in your service for Him.

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