The Lonely Road

empty road

It was a beautiful, hot, summer evening. We were traveling on an interstate highway in the middle of nowhere. Tree-covered mountains were around us on all sides. As we were driving along we passed other cars and trucks intent on getting wherever it was they were going.  And then–quite suddenly–we were completely alone. There was not another vehicle anywhere before us or behind us or beside us. We were the only car on this stretch of highway.

For a brief–very brief–moment I panicked.

Had we missed a sign that says the highway is closed? Surely, at this time of day, people should be traveling on the highway? I reined in my thoughts almost before I had them, they were that ridiculous. But as I pondered on my momentary panic, I realized that sometimes we do this in our Christian lives, as well.

We are trying hard to obey God’s Word in a certain area and, yet, when we look around us, we feel so alone, because none of our Christian brothers and sisters seem to be obeying God in this area. We question ourselves–is this really a conviction from God’s Word or just a tradition or opinion? Should I be making myself or my kids hold to this standard when it seems like we are completely and utterly alone in doing so?

Being alone is not a fun place to be. It is easier for some than for others. But when it comes right down to it, we all would rather be a part of the crowd. We’d rather not stand out for things such as what we are not wearing, what we are not watching, where we are not going, and what we are not listening to.

We’d rather just melt into the crowd and allow our kids to do the same. It is so much easier to just follow the crowd and allow ourselves or our kids to wear that immodest bathing suit or listen to that obscene band; to play that violent X-box game or go to that R-rated movie.

But let me encourage you to stay on the lonely road. It will be worth it. Your kids will thank you someday (as long as you give them a good discussion about basing your rules on God’s Word alone; don’t just lay down legalistic laws without reasons). Don’t lower your standards.

I Timothy 6:12 tells us to–Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”

Let’s fight the good fight and stand for truth together! But in those moments when you feel alone, keep standing! You will never be sorry!

P.S.  I have made many mistakes in this area–caving in instead of standing–as I am sure many of you have. We need to be very careful not to judge others, but instead encourage and edify one another, gently admonishing and always loving each other.

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  1. I totally feel this one with you. There is something in my life that is clear in scripture, and yet no one in my church or friends agrees with me. They rationalize it away saying these are different times, but scripture is scripture. It does get lonely sometimes though. So lonely.

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