If I am so beautiful, then God’s grace isn’t that amazing

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We are taught in schools, songs, magazines, and on TV about how amazing and incredible we are. How we are worth it. How we deserve the best. Sadly, this lie has even infiltrated the church. We find this worldly philosophy peppering Christian bookstore shelves. I especially notice it on Christian radio stations. Accomplished vocalists crooning these love songs dedicated to ourselves. They tell me how beautiful I am. How important to God. How incredible and worthy of His love.

Can I shout it from the housetops? NO, I AM NOT. And neither are you. That is the absolutely incredible and amazing beauty of His love for us. We are wicked (Jeremiah 17:9), we are sinners (Romans 3:23), and we are blind (2 Corinthians 4:4). Who would want a wicked, sinful, blind person on their side? Who would sacrifice their Son for such a person? Who would love that person with a love so deep it can’t be fathomed?

And, yet, God’s Word tells me that He does. He loves me…not for who I am but in spite of who I am. We can only fully appreciate God’s amazing grace when we fully understand that we are truly and totally unworthy.

And, so, during this Thanksgiving season, I am deeply and especially grateful for a God who loves me in spite of who I am. I am thankful that He chose to redeem me. I am nothing without Him. It is only by His love and grace that I am able to be reconciled to God. It is of no merit of my own. I am thankful that He is changing me. I am thankful that His power enables me to do what He has called me to do.

And, so, I will continue to turn off the radio when I hear a love song to myself. I will continue to listen for this lie and make sure to teach my family to be on the look-out for it, as well. For there is nothing that cheapens grace more than raising ourselves up on some kind of platform thinking we have amazing talents and beauty that God longs for—and even needs.

Now, just in case, there is someone out there who says: “Wait a minute! I am not sure I agree with you,” I do want to say this: God loves us (John 3:16). He designed us (Psalm 139). He gave us each different gifts (Romans 12). We are to use them to glorify Him. We have to come to an understanding of who we are in Christ. If we have been abused or treated badly, this will be more difficult for us. It is still important that we realize that our worth comes from God alone.

And so I want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!  May we thank the Lord for His many blessings. But most importantly, may we thank the Lord today for saving us out of our lost and hopeless state, in which we had nothing of worth to offer. All praise be to Him alone!

8 thoughts on “If I am so beautiful, then God’s grace isn’t that amazing”

  1. Hi Leslie – I found you through LeRoy’s blog. I so agree with what you said! I too find myself pulling out the truth from the lies when listening to sermons, songs or Facebook posts, website articles, etc.

  2. Amazing Grace, gets me every time. I often feel so unworthy and struggle with feeling loved at all at times. I make mistakes and I have been mistreated mostly by fellow believers which is why this song is so precious to me. Thank you for the blog Leslie and for the reminder today. It’s only by Gods grace.

  3. I guess I see the song more that’s it is by the grace of God that He redeemed me because I am so wretched. Maybe I need further understanding of the song itself?

    1. I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Yes! We are wretched sinners saved only by God’s grace– not by any merit of our own. That is what I was trying to say, but perhaps I didn’t write it very well.

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