God’s Canvas

This won’t be my typical post. For a few years now I have started to enjoy taking pictures. Oh, I have always enjoyed taking pictures of my kids. But my interest has stretched out to encompass a few other subjects. One of those is the sky. Many is the evening I will glance out my front window and just have to go and grab my camera. God paints us amazing sky views almost every day. Whether it be a sunset, a brewing storm, or a bright blue sky filled with white, puffy clouds, I find the sky beautiful.

Now I am not a professional photographer by any means, nor do I want to be. However there may be a few of you who would enjoy some of the shots I have taken over the past few years. Photos like this help me to remember that God is so big and I am so small. They also remind me that God is the source of beauty. I apologize if I included too many. I had a such a difficult time narrowing it down!

06-11 Haiti (11) 07-10-12 (5) 07-12 (Smoky Mountains) (1) 07-12 (Smoky Mountains) (3) 07-31-12 (2) 07-31-12 (5) 08-29-12 (3) 09-08-12 (1) 09-08-12 (9) 9-2012 (2) 9-2012 (8) Cape May 2012 (1) Cape May 2012 (14) Gettysburg 6-13 (13) Gettysburg 6-13 (21) HAITI REVISED July 2, 2013 (13) July 2, 2013 (28) July 2, 2013 (34) July 3, 2013 (1) July 3, 2013 (3) June 16 2013 SKY (4) June 26 2013 SKY (6) June 26 2013 SKY (10) March 2013 (3) March 2013 (10) May 29 2013 SKY (2) Summer 2012 (3) Summer 2012 (79) Summer 2012 (86) Summer 2012 (104) Summer 2012 (109) Winter Sky (2)


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  1. Simply beautiful! I always love seeing the sky when the light shines through the clouds, like in your first couple of pictures. It’s like Heaven shining it’s light down on us. These pictures are so nice…if I were you, they would be decorating my house. Thanks for sharing them.

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