Favorite Trees Topple and So Do Favorite People

I am writing a quick post on this holiday weekend because I have begun to notice a very disturbing trend of which I want to warn you. Keep in mind that I am making no statement about motives here. I have no idea why people are doing what they are doing. But we all need to be aware that many are doing it.

I believe that it is extremely important that we do not align ourselves with either side of what is going on here on earth currently. Both the Great Awakening and the Great Reset sides are evil to the core. One may sound more appealing and even more “Christian” but if you start digging just a bit, you will find it’s pretty ugly. If you don’t believe me, please just do some research. Both sides are clearly being used by Satan to bring in his antichrist system.

Which leads me to why I am writing today. I have been more than a little troubled to see many pastors, ministry leaders, and authors choosing to align themselves with one side or the other. Please beware if someone does this!

Last week two willow trees stood strong and tall side by side on my in-laws property next door. And then the other day Hurricane Ida blew through and brought 7″ of rain. As the ground became more and more saturated, the shallow roots of one of those willows loosened until the whole tree finally just toppled over.

When my grandson saw the tree he was so sad. “But that was my favorite tree.” Now I don’t really think it was his favorite tree. But he doesn’t like change. And this was change. I don’t think he’s very different from the rest of us. None of us love change. But change is here. And we can’t ignore it.

I am convinced that we are watching many “trees topple” just now. Some of them may even be our favorites. Ministries and people that we thought were sound and solid are toppling over into one ditch or the other and getting caught up in unbiblical arguments, bullying, and even “marketing”.

Honestly, it’s just…weird. And more than a little disturbing. 

I can’t believe the amount of people I have trusted who are attacking people for their beliefs about different issues. Should any Christian condescendingly attack another Christian about anything? If someone accuses a whole swath of people without knowing those people personally, I’d be very suspect of that person or ministry.

Beware of anyone who comes out strongly on one side or the other in a spirit of attack. It is one thing to share things kindly because you believe what you are sharing is important. This can very much be done out of spirit of love—no matter which side you find yourself on.

But when you can feel arrogance and condescension oozing from someone you have trusted, take a step back. If someone thinks they know how everything works, stop following them.

The bottom line is that NO ONE knows except God how this is all going to go down. We can do research, we can find some pieces to the puzzle, we can perhaps even see the overall big picture– but no human KNOWS what is going on behind the scenes or how the future is going to play out.

Strong trees topple and so do seemingly sound Christians. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be so loyal to someone that you miss their “toppling”. Examine the fruit of the Spirit of those you follow as you are able. Evaluate their words and attitude when someone disagrees with them. These things are very telling. Don’t blindly follow anyone (including me!) Only Christ deserves our unwavering loyalty.

We must keep our eyes on Jesus in this unprecedented, strange, and wildly wicked storm. We must stay in prayer and be in the Word. May we pray for discernment and for a heart and eyes open and willing to see the truth–whatever that is.

And expect to be disappointed. I hate to even write those words but I believe it’s true. It’s been a disheartening and incredulous year and a half as we have watched rampant compromise and the bizarre u-turns of people we have trusted. If this isn’t the beginning of the great delusion, then it must certainly be a foretaste of what lies ahead.

Keep your head up, my friends. Our redemption has to be drawing so nigh!

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