Developing Self-Discipline

Here are some exercises for developing the fruit of self-discipline in your life.  This comes straight from John MacArthur’s “The Art of Self-Discipline” sermon series (which is extremely convicting, by the way).

1. Clean your environment.

2. Make a schedule.

3. Wean yourself off entertainment.

4. Be on time.

5. Keep your word.

6. Do the hardest task first.

7. Finish what you start.

8. Practice self-denial.

9. Volunteer for tasks outside your own personal agenda.

In the 2-part series he goes on to talk more deeply about the reason we need to be self-disciplined as believers and how to truly work on this in our lives with the Lord’s help.  However, this brief introduction of little things we can do to help us in this area of our lives is a great list!  I thought I would share it.  If you would like to take the time to listen yourself, which I HIGHLY recommend, you can find it here.

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