6 reasons to be thankful when following a (very) slow driver

This week I have found myself behind a plethora of slow drivers.  They have included white-haired grandpas, distracted businessmen on cell phones, a new teen-aged driver, and even a granny on a motorcycle. After about the 10th time of being forced to go 10 (or 15!) miles per hour under the speed limit, I figured the Lord may be trying to teach me something. So I started thinking of reasons why I could actually be thankful for the slow (and, if I am honest, aggravating) driver ahead of me.

1.         I am receiving a lesson in patience.  Oh, how long will it take me to learn it?  My brother once wisely said, “I refuse to let a slow or annoying driver steal my peace.” I find myself thinking of his words often.

2.         I am enjoying treasured extra moments with my kids. Tonight while driving home at a snail’s pace, we talked about what to look for in a husband, what to do when our friends don’t agree with us, and why kids should go to youth group. We learn so much about each other and have wonderful conversations in the car. Slow drivers give us a few more of those special minutes.

3.         I am receiving a lesson in time management. I am sure I am the only one who does this, but I have a bad habit of  leaving my house without time to spare. If it takes 15 minutes to get where I am going and I need to be there at 7pm, I leave at 6:45pm.  This adds considerable stress to my life if I find myself behind someone who is going really slow.  I have not included this lost time in my calculations and it means I may be late!  This lesson is having a difficult time making its way into my hard head!

4.         I have the opportunity to listen to a podcast or uplifting music for a little while longer. We are so blessed with having wonderful Bible Teachers and hymns and worship music at the touch of a button. Does anyone remember the days when you had to move the record needle back to the song if you wanted to hear it twice?  And the interminable waiting for our favorite songs or programs to come on the radio?  I would even arrange my schedule around what time Focus on the Family was on the radio. Now we can choose our favorite song or preacher and worship while we lollygag behind the unhurried driver in front of us.

5.         God may be protecting me from an accident up ahead.  We can rest in His Sovereign plan that He knows best.  And since He knows when a sparrow falls, He certainly knows my current situation.

6.         Perhaps these few extra minutes are a gift to me for prayer and meditation on God’s Word. But instead, in my frustration, I usually end up fretting and fussing them away.

I wrote this list to help me personally.  You may have complete and total patience when driving or you may even be the slow driver!  But, on the outside chance that one of my readers also struggles with this issue, I decided to post it.  Have a great day!

6 thoughts on “6 reasons to be thankful when following a (very) slow driver”

  1. We were on our way to church one morning and was behind a slow driver. We happened to be listening to Rejoice Radio and a song we all knew came on. We were so busy singing to the radio that we did not think to be impatient. When we got to church that slow driver pulled in before us and a dear lady from our church got out. She asked if we were listening to Rejoice because she saw our lips moving with the song she was listening to. Moral of story; many times our impatience will show in our facial expressions. You never know who is watching you as you drive.

    1. And that brings up another great point – we never know who we are following! It would have been mortifying to have tailed her closely (or worse yet, pass her in a huff) only to find out it was someone from your church. I know, because I have done something similar!

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