10 Ways to Render a Christian Ineffective

Okay, so it isn’t Monday or Thursday, but this week you get a bonus post!   Here is my list of 10 ways to render Christians ineffective for the cause of Christ.

1.         Get them so addicted to entertainment and material pleasures that nothing else seems important.

2.         Have them become so reliant on others to solve their problems and meet their needs that they never have to rely on God for anything.

3.         Busy their lives with sports, games, meetings, jobs, and church functions that they are far too busy to read their Bibles, much less anything else.

4.         Fool them into believing that they can do anything they want and claim it all forgiven, and even sanctioned, by the grace of God.

5.         Put out a thousand translations of the Bible and convince them that it doesn’t matter which one you use, as long as it is called the “Bible”.

6.         Get them so wrapped up in fighting over insignificant things that they never focus on the issues that really matter.

7.         Teach them to believe that the only ways to show true Christian love is giving to the poor and tolerating the beliefs of others, even at the cost of the Truth.

8.         Fool them into believing the only way to reach the lost is to become like them.

9.         Teach them that a simple prayer is all it takes to declare themselves saved, even if there has never been a transformed life or even a little bit of fruit to give evidence of that salvation.

10.       Have them put so much focus on their feelings and emotions that they lose all taste for  True doctrine.

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