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  1. I came upon this while browsing around. As I read this, it really opened my eyes! This is so true, and I am with the public on a daily basis, and the majority of them are Christians, and frequently have I heard this come from their mouth, “Oh my God”. Now I am thinking or wondering if they realize what they are saying because until now, I have never thought about it this way. Wow!!! At 53y/o, I am learning something new everyday! Thank you Lord for this lesson today!! Amen!!!!

  2. I repent of growing dull to this.
    I’m sorry Father, Jesus, The Holy Spirit
    You made me aware of this years ago
    Please forgive me for not keeping it accountable in all shows allowed in our household.

    Thank you for writing ✍️ this.
    Another conviction of good reminding me who I want to be in Jesus and who I have raised my children and speaking into my grandchildren and others with love ❤️ that reverence of His Name, respect yet pray for those who are blinded to blatantly use God’s Name let alone our Lord & Saviors.
    Awaken, I definitely don’t want to live in the status quo state of mind or life.
    Awaken my family & me
    In Jesus’ Name

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