Not all Muslims are Terrorists

So, imagine with me, if you will…It is September, 2000, and you are a man who wants better opportunities for his family.  You were born in an Islamic country that provides few opportunities.  And, so, with excitement you decide to pack up your family and move to America–the land of opportunity!  Things go pretty well for a year…until that fateful day.  September 11, 2001.  Suddenly, you and your family become the “enemy”.  You love your new country and you despise what happened.  And, yet, somehow you are labeled and branded.

The same thing happened in this country in World War II with the Germans and the Japanese who lived here.  Suddenly, innocent people who had moved here years ago and had proven themselves wonderful neighbors and friends were viewed with suspicion and fear.

The purpose of this blog is not to discuss immigration law and it is not to discuss the Muslim religion.  What I want to think about for a moment is the individual Muslim.

The individual who is hopelessly following a man-made religion that their fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers followed before them.  They are trying to please a god that cannot be pleased and working frantically to get to heaven through their good deeds.  But most of these lost souls are not our enemies.   They are just people trying to work their way to heaven, just like many other people in your neighborhood.

If we are to go to all ends of the earth to tell the world about Jesus (Matthew 28:19-20), then we need to approach all races and people groups with love and the good news of Jesus Christ…not with hate and fear.  Imagine how often Satan has used hate and fear among Christians to shut them up through the centuries!  But perfect love casts out fear.  (I John 4:18).

My fellow believers in Christ, we cannot afford to allow hate and fear to grow in our hearts.   If God provides an opportunity for you to share the good news with someone, do so with love and boldness…no matter their religion or race.   And let us remember that  NOTHING good comes from hate and fear.

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