In a Heartbeat

I can’t help but remember that last year at this time my uncle was rushed to the hospital after a tragic accident.  By the end of January, he was with the Lord.  I know of another woman who lost her battle with cancer this year.   And several others who are fighting the battle of their lives against the “C” enemy.   This time each year, I can’t help but look around me and thank the Lord for granting me another year to spend with my family and friends that are still here on earth.  Because life can change.  In a heartbeat.

I think we so often get caught up in the things that irritate us about those we love.   Or maybe we focus on the political or spiritual disagreements we have with others.  But, if  we stop and think for just a moment…we realize that if that person wasn’t with us next year, we would miss them dreadfully.  We need to remember to be thankful for the people in our lives.   Because life can change.  In a heartbeat.

Instead, we so often let things fester.    Ephesians 4:26 says not to let the sun go down upon your wrath.  How many of us obey that command from scripture and never go to bed angry?   How many of us would rather hold on to our pride than heal a relationship?   Or how many of us speak before thinking and say something unkind, not thinking of the hurt we are inflicting?   Why do we make such a big deal out of the little things?  What if that person was no longer here?  Think of how ridiculous you would feel about holding such stupid grudges.

You see, we only live once.  And life is too short to hold grudges and have broken relationships.  The holidays are a time for family.  And lots of times families are the ones who irritate us the most.  But I encourage you to let the annoying things roll right off of your back– don’t hang onto them.  Yes, this can sometimes be hard to do.  But as you practice it more and more it will become easier.  Instead, turn your thoughts towards the good things.  The love that you have.  What you have in common.  The way that person has been a blessing to you.  Because life is short.  And life changes.  In a heartbeat.

Psalm 104:14-16   As for man, his days are like grass; As a flower of the field, so he flourishes. For the wind passes over it, and it is gone, And its place remembers it no more.

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