Have a question, thought, or comment but don’t want everyone to read it?  I would love to hear from you! I used to have a contact form here, but it came to my attention that it wasn’t working. Sooo…why don’t you just email me at leslie {at} growing4life {dot} net.

By the way, be sure to replace the word {at} with the @ symbol and the word {dot} with an actual dot. Have to type it that way to avoid the e-mail spammers. Not trying to confuse anyone! :)




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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. This is excellent and many will empathize with this. But I have hope for you! I had a situation just like this maybe 20 years ago and this last year we have begun to bond again! God knows all about it!

    • Thank you for that word of encouragement! I am just so thankful for a faithful God — and a faithful husband, too. He was so good to me as I walked through that dark valley.

  2. How can you even bear to leave comments on Tony Jones’ blog!? I get depressed first reading what he writes and then reading the comments of all his little disciples. G-D bless you for being a light and witness for Truth on that blog.

    • Ahhh…I can hardly bear it, truthfully. I ended up there by a fluke but after reading that post, I just couldn’t NOT say something. I can hardly believe that Christianity has come to that. Wow. Thanks for commenting!